EuroCenter vACC

Frequently Asked Questions

To become a member and a validated controller of the EUC vACC, you need to meet certain criteria and fulfill specific requirements.
VATSIM Rating: You must hold a C1 or higher controller rating on VATSIM. This rating signifies that you have demonstrated competence in controlling air traffic within the network's virtual environment.
Radar (ACC) Experience: Aspiring controllers need to have completed a minimum of 60 hours of controlling on radar (ACC) positions at the C1 level. This requirement ensures that you have acquired sufficient experience and proficiency in providing air traffic control services.
VATEUD Division Membership: It is necessary to be a member of any vACC within the VATEUD (VATSIM Europe) division. VATEUD consists of multiple virtual Area Control Centers (vACCs) covering different European regions.

The EuroCenter vACC is considered a Special vACC within VATSIM. As a result, controllers are unable to assign or change their home division to the EuroCenter vACC. This means that transferring your membership from another vACC to the EuroCenter vACC is not possible through the standard division transfer process. However, you can apply as a visiting controller if you meet the minimum criteria.

To stay updated with the latest news and announcements from the EuroCenter vACC, we primarily utilize our official Discord server as the central communication platform. Discord allows us to quickly share important information, updates, and announcements with our members and the community. You can link your account from the "myEuroCenter" page.

No, controlling positions within the EuroCenter vACC require approval. To ensure the highest standards of air traffic control service, we have a process in place where controllers need to become approved on specially endorsed positions of the EuroCenter vACC before connecting to any positions.